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Remittances to Moldova decreased


As of November 1, the volume of money transfers to Moldova from abroad estimated more than a billion USD, which is five per cent less than last year.

In October alone, 110.44 million dollars were transferred, which is 0.6 per cent less than a year ago. The vast majority of funds - 92.25 million – were sent through international money transfer systems. In the structure of transfers, 56.1 per cent were sent in euro, 40.2 per cent in USD and 3.7% in Russian rubles.

According to geographical origin, 50 per cent of the funds came from EU countries, 21.2 per cent from CIS countries, 28.8 per cent from the rest of the world. Among countries, most of the transfers are traditionally sent from Russia - 22.26 million dollars or 20.2 per cent of the total transfers. The following are transfers from Israel - 18.82 million, Italy - 13.32 million, Germany - 10.06 million, Great Britain - 9.18 million, USA - 7.44 million, France - 6.78 million USD.

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