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The rules regulating border crossing by children in Ukraine were changed


The Ukrainian Government tightened control over outbound border crossing by children. The rules regulating the state border crossing by the Ukrainian citizens were amended accordingly.

From now on, children below 16 years of age can go abroad accompanied by one of the parents without the notarized written consent of the other parent only if there is an endorsement in the child’s passport on his/her permanent consular registration at the Ukrainian embassy or consulate abroad. Permanent consular registration is intended for the Ukrainian nationals permanently residing abroad.

Before the amendments were made, the same procedure was applicable to outbound border crossing by children with an endorsement in their passports regarding temporary consular registration. But this could lead to disputing the lawfulness of the child’s leaving the country.

The new regulation is aimed at preventing unlawful transportation of children abroad by one of the parents without the other parent’s consent.

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