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Seven highly-qualified experts from Moldova's Diaspora to be leaders of Diaspora's Excellence Groups


A meeting on the selection of leaders of a pilot programme, Diaspora’s Excellence Groups (DEG), took place at the government on 13 July, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.  

The candidates were selected by the authors of the program – representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and of the Bureau for Diaspora Relations of the State Chancellery – together with the Government’s Secretary General Lilia Palii and premier advisers.

The DEG programme implies the creation of five Excellence Groups led by highly-qualified experts from the Diaspora. The groups are made based on priority sectors for Moldova’s government, which were announced with the launch of an appeal on the reception of files, on 23 May 2017.   

The Diaspora Excellence Groups will work on proposals of public policies and on certain projects established by common agreement with representatives of the Moldovan cabinet. The preliminary results will be presented at the Diaspora Days 2017. 

The programme Diaspora Excellence Groups is carried out within the project, Consolidation of Moldova’s Development Capacities through Creation of partnerships between Diaspora and Origin Country. The project is financed by the IOM Development Fund and implemented by IOM, Moldova’s mission, in partnership with the Moldovan Education Ministry.


  The Project is funded
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The Project is implemented
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