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State Migration Service of Azerbaijan launched its “Migaz” Mobile application


The State Migration Service of Azerbaijan has presented its new mobile application to the public today. The Chief of the State Migration Service of Ukraine Vusal Huseynov, demonstrated the use and advantages of the application, stated that the application has created opportunity to have access to services, such as registration upon place of stay, permissions for temporary and permanent residence, checking the status of application and travel ban, calculator for checking the registration deadline, online payment, online queue, ASAN visa and etc. From now on foreigners and stateless persons can easily access e-services via the mobile application. The calls and inquiries can be answered directly through the application which has Azerbaijani, English and Russian language options. The number of languages will be increased soon. With high-end interactivity of the mobile application, regular updates and notifications will be sent to users about registration and other e-services. The comprehensive database of the application offers users information about the history of Azerbaijan, tourist destinations in our country, recreational centers and other places of interest, national music, and national cuisine. The mobile application is available at PlayMarket and it will be available in Appstore in the near future, as well. It is planned to increase the capacity and the services rendered via the mobile application.

  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration