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Three Ukrainians who illegally transported 60 migrants detained in Greece


The Hellenic Coast Guard has detained 64 irregular migrants near the Peloponnese, as well as three Ukrainians who transported them. 

"They were trying to move to Italy. Smugglers come from Ukraine," a Coast Guard officer said.

According to the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERA), migrants were first taken in small groups by minibuses from Athens to the port of Killini and then transported in small boats to a yacht near the Greek coast. This was spotted by fishermen who reported suspicious travel to the coast guard.

The migrants also included at least 20 juveniles. They all feel good and should be housed in a refugee camp in the west of Greece.

After the "Balkan route" was closed in 2016, thousands of migrants stayed in Greece. Almost every day the police detect small groups of people who are trying to move to other European countries.

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