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Ukraine and Moldova introduce joint border control at Kuchurgan-Pervomaisk crossing


The joint border crossing is being opened pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement supported by the EU within framework of the bloc's neighborhood policy aimed at modernizing the integrated management of borders.

Official ceremony was attended by Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Control will be exercised on the Ukrainian side at the Kuchurgan control point bordering with Transdniestria's Pervomaisk crossing point. A the first six-month stage of the project, members of the Customs Service and Border Police of Moldova will jointly control only export operations from Transdniestria's region. The border police will monitor transportation means and people, register foreign citizens entering and leaving and report information about national legislation concerning migration to the interested parties.

The second stage envisions joint control of the movement of goods, including exports and imports, as well as the transportation means and individuals. Existing procedures for economic entities and individuals crossing to/from the Transdniestrian region will not be changed.

The joint control project aims to simplify the movement of goods, transportation and individuals in accordance with the principle, dubbed " the 'one stop - one window' principle," including the necessary customs procedures for export/import operations of goods from/to Transdniestria, including goods subject to excise tax, with the aim of significantly shortening the amount of time for customs control and lowering transportation costs, in part through spot checks of transportation means and goods.

  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration