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Ukraine introduces new border crossing rules for foreigners


Ukraine has introduced a new system of biometric control for foreigners entering Ukraine as of 1 January 2018. It is applicable to citizens of 70 states designated as countries of "migration risk," Russia is among them.

Biometric monitoring systems will operate at 157 international border crossing points, including airports. It not only allows the Ukrainian security agencies to control the length of foreigners' stay in the country, but is also connected to INTERPOL's databases.

Biometric data will be gathered by the National Verification and Identification System of Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and stateless persons. Border crossing rules for Russian citizens will be even tougher: along with biometric control at the border, they'll need to additionally register in the corresponding electronic system before visiting Ukraine and notify about their visit at least a month before. Further, the Ukrainian authorities planned to introduce mandatory registration by Russians at the place of stay in Ukraine and inform in detail about the route of their travel through Ukrainian territory. However, only the verification of biometric data will work to the full extent from 1 January 2018.

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