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Ukraine validates its Migration Governance Indicators with IOM’s support


Ukraine made an additional important step forward to the best international practices in migration management with the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) Country Profile validated at an IOM-organized meeting in Kyiv on 13 March.

From countering human trafficking to border management; from the State’s communication with citizens willing to return from abroad to the access of irregular migrants to healthcare; from nourishing partnerships with private sector to mainstreaming the development potential of migration into national strategic policies, the MGI Country Profile provides Ukraine with insights on policy levers that the country can use to further enhance and strengthen its migration governance.

The final MGI report on Ukraine will be published later this year. It will help Ukraine advance its migration governance also in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, facilitating orderly, safe, and responsible mobility of people – be it Ukrainian labour migrants, returnees, foreigners coming to Ukraine or Ukrainian conflict-affected populations – through planned and well-managed policies.

Migration Governance Indicators process is the global initiative implemented by IOM, the UN Migration Agency, with analytical support of The Economist Intelligence Unit and participation of the national migration-management authorities. To date, 50 countries have been included in the MGI process.

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