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Ukrainian Border Guard Service Summarises 2006 Operations Results

In the beginning of the collegium session, Chairman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Colonel General Mykola Lytvyn said that the main tasks set for 2006 were fulfilled. Year 2006 was significant for development of a new European-level state agency, and the beginning year for implementation of the Concept for Development of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine until the year 2015, approved by a Decree of the President of Ukraine in June this year.

Performance indicators of the Ukrainian border guards operations greatly improved in 2006. Analyses show that they were the best for the 15 years that the border guard service has been in existence. For example, this year 1,494 units of weapons and 60.9 thousand psychotropic pills were confiscated; 23.7 thousand illegal migrants were detected, 16.7 of whom were not allowed to cross the border. Apart from that, 216.9 million worth of smuggled commodities, 808.8 kilograms of narcotic substances and 10,757 ammunition units were confiscated at borders.

For the year 2007, the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service collegium defined five principal directions of activities.

  1. Creation of a modern integrated border protection system and reform of the management system.

  2. Improvement of the system of legal regulation of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service.

  3. Reform of the system of work with the personnel of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service.

  4. Creation of an effective system of logistics and engineering and technical equipment of the state border.

  5. Development of transboundary and international cooperation.

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