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Ukrainians receive highest number of first residence permits in EU


In 2018, the EU countries issued 3 225 436 first residence permits to citizens of other countries, of which 527,000 were issued to the Ukrainian citizens.

Thus, Ukraine took first place in terms of residence permits in the EU countries, Eurostat reports.

“In 2018, citizens of Ukraine (527 000 beneficiaries, of which almost 78% in Poland) continued to receive the highest number of permits in the EU, ahead of citizens of China (206 000, of which almost half in the United Kingdom), India (197 000, of which 38% in the United Kingdom), Syria (174 000, of which 71% in Germany), Belarus (138 000, of which 92% in Poland), Morocco (127 000, of which 45% in Spain), the United States (120 000, of which 36% in the United Kingdom), Brazil (88 000, of which 32% in Portugal), Turkey (80 000, of which 29% in Germany) and Russia (75 000, of which 18% in Germany),” reads the Eurostat report.

As noted, Ukrainians benefited from residence permits mainly for employment reasons (65% of all first residence permits issued to Ukrainians in 2018).

As reported, the number of labour migrants from Ukraine in Poland has increased fivefold - from 300,000 to about 1.5 million - over the past five years.

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