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Steps taken so far in view of a possible revision of the Dublin Regulation

The Commission underlined that this evaluation would be "the first step in launching (yet...

EU summit in Brussels

Following a decision by EU foreign ministers on 11 December to partially freeze the...

MEPs adopt EU budget for 2007 at ?126.5bn for 27 Member States

The 2007 budget is the first one to deal with an Union of 27...

Integration possibilities for recognised refugees to be increased in Ukraine

By mid-2004, legislative acts regulating employment, education and medical assistance should include refugees...

A temporary accommodation center for asylum seekers opened in Minsk

A network of such centres is planned to be set up by UNHCR...

A PHARE Twinning Covenant to increase the Border Police’s capacity launched in Romania

The project aims at harmonising the national legislation with the EU Acquis and...

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