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Visa-free travel with the EU has had a major impact on travel habits of Ukrainians

The introduction of visa-free agreement with EU countries has encouraged more Ukrainians to travel to...


National Bank of Ukraine predicts growth of labour migration from Ukraine

According to the Head of the Department of Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis of ...


Remittances to Moldova by migrant workers rose by 26.2%

Remittances to Moldova by migrant workers rose 26.2% on the year to $94.34 million (76.5 million...


Some 24,000 persons renounced Ukrainian citizenship in the past three years

Around 24,000 people renounced the citizenship of Ukraine over the past three years, as Deputy...


EU-funded project helps Armenia’s labour migrants convert their potential into activities back home

Around 30 State Employment Agency (SEA) experts from two regions of Armenia gathered for a training seminar...


Frontex publishes Risk Analysis for 2018

In 2017, the total number of illegal border-crossings into the EU dropped to its lowest...


Frontex presented statistics on Ukraine for 2017

As stated in the recent Risk Analysis released by Frontex on 20 February 2018, for...


Foreign humanitarian aid platform to be established in Belarus

A platform to provide foreign humanitarian aid is being set up in Belarus. Its main...


The latest Armenian “Migration Newsletter” is now available in English

The 19th issue of the quarterly electronic newsletter on migration issues “Migration Newsletter” was released...

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