Eastern Partnership

The Eastern Partnership is a joint initiative of the EU and its Eastern European partners: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Launched in 2009 at the EU Prague Summit, it brings Eastern European partners closer to the EU. The Eastern Partnership supports and encourages reforms in the EaP countries for the benefit of their citizens. The Partnership is based on a commitment to the principles of international law and fundamental values, including democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as to a market economy, sustainable development and good governance.

The Eastern Partnership

Panel on Migration, Mobility and IBM

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) Panel on Migration, Mobility and Integrated Border Management succeeded the EaP Panel on Migration and Asylum in accordance with the decisions of the Eastern Partnership Summit of November 2017. The Panel is designed specifically to contribute to the implementation of the Deliverable 17 of the EaP Deliverables 2020, namely to supporting progress on visa facilitation and liberalization dialogues, readmission, IBM and Mobility Partnerships. The activities of the Panel are decided in the annual work plan, which is usually set each year at the last Panel meeting of the year. EU and EaP states are continuously encouraged to express interest for organizing meetings and to identify topics of interest. Working languages of the Panel are English and Russian.

The Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration, Mobility and Integrated Border Management is the successor of the EaPPMA in turn the successor of the Söderköping Process
The Söderköping Process

Launched in 2001 as a cross-border cooperation process on asylum and migration among the following participating countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Sweden and Ukraine

European Union’s Eastern Partnership (EaP)

Following the inauguration in 2009 of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership (EaP) initiative the Söderköping Process participating states decided to incorporate the Söderköping Process into the broader EaP context

The transition of Söderköping Process into EaPPMA

The transition of Söderköping Process into the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum (EaPPMA) took place at 8 December 2011 Söderköping Process High Level Meeting

EaPPMA first Meeting

9 December 2011 EaPPMA first Meeting. EaPPMA was established under the EaP Platform 1 “Democracy, good governance and stability”, it followed the principles of the EU Global Approach to Migration, promoting cooperation and dialogue towards the harmonization of policies and practices