Azerbaijan to speed up issuance of work permits

The period for issuing work permits to foreigners and stateless persons in Azerbaijan have been changed, in accordance with the change in regulations on the state duty.

Now this permission can be obtained within 10 working days.

In this regard, amendments were made to the Administrative Regulation on the Acceptance of Applications and Documents on Obtaining a Work Permit for Paid Labor Activities of a Foreigner and Stateless Person in Azerbaijan of the Board of the State Migration Service.

In accordance with the changes, electronic services will be provided not within 23 business days, and the period will vary depending on the paid state duty, according to the Law on State Duty.

In accordance with the previous regulation, the state duty to obtain a work permit for paid labor activities of a foreigner and stateless person in Azerbaijan was set at 350 manat (206.3 USD) for a period of up to three months, 600 manat (353.6 USD) - up to six months, and 1,000 manat (589.3 USD) - up to one year.

In accordance with the new regulation, depending on the size of the paid state duty, services will be provided within different periods. Thus, in order to obtain a work permit within 10 working days for a period of up to three months, it will be necessary to pay a state duty in the amount of 700 manat (412.5 USD), up to six months 900 manat (530.4 USD), up to one year 1,400 manat (825.1 USD). In order to get the specified permission within 15 working days, it is necessary to pay the state duty in the amount of 500 manat (294.7 USD), 700 manat (412.5 USD) and 1,200 manat (707.3 USD), respectively.

The new decision entered into force on 16 November.

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