Belarus, Moldova to boost cooperation relations in customs sector

The customs authorities of Belarus and Moldova will boost cooperation in several areas of customs administration. The heads of customs services of the two countries reached such a decision during the meeting in Minsk held on 31 October.

According to the Customs Service of Moldova, in Minsk the sides signed a bilateral cooperation plan in the vocational training, under which they are committed to organizing training sessions for the employees of both institutions. The actions for 2019-2022 also include exchange of experience on the methodologies applied in carrying out specialized experiments and laboratory tests.

The Moldovan delegation visited the customs post at Minsk Airport, where representatives of the Moldovan Customs had the opportunity to know how the processing of international postal items, through which goods purchased online are delivered.

During the visit to Belarus, members of the Customs Service delegation will go to the customs offices of the Grodno regional office, deployed at the border with Poland, to see control when crossing the border between an EU member state and a non-EU member state.

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