Campaign of fighting against trafficking of human beings launched in Moldova

A national campaign, "Week of fight against the trafficking of human beings", was launched in Chisinau. Within the campaign, more actions will be organized on combating this phenomenon and informing the residents about its dangers.

Thus, roundtables, discussions and public lessons, exhibitions, workshops and training sessions will be held in Moldova for one week. The participants in the events will exchange experience, will be trained and will analyze real stories of victims of the trafficking of human beings.

At the starting of the campaign, the Secretary General of the Government Mr. Andrei Spinu has said that the trafficking of human beings remained a global problem and represented one of the most serious offences, which hits the lives of millions of people. According to Spinu, in the last years, Moldova has taken considerable efforts to combat this phenomenon; yet, concrete actions to this end are necessary in continuation. The official also said that recent statistics showed an increase in the number of identified victims of trafficking. Thus, 305 adult victims were identified in 2018, against 201 victims in 2017.

The Head of the Mission of the International Organization for Migration in Moldova, Mr. Lars Lonnback, noted that, at present, a higher level of awareness was recorded about the phenomenon of trafficking of human beings, which represents modern slavery. It is unconceivable when you see that a man has such a low price, the official stressed.

According to prosecutors, 41 persons accused of trafficking of human beings and ten ones charged with the trafficking of children have been convicted since the beginning of this year. At the same time, 1.5 million lei was confiscated from people accused of committing such offences and distraint was levied on assets and means worth over 14 million lei.

The national campaign was launched in the context of marking the European Day of Action against the Trafficking of Human Beings on 18 October.

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