Estonia remains a popular destination for Ukrainians

According to data of the Ministry of the Interior of Estonia, 8,104 people settled in Estonia in 2015 and 10,150 in 2016. Around 3,000 of the new arrivals were Ukrainian and Russian citizens, some 1,500 from Finland, 900 from Germany, and just under 700 from Latvia.

Beyond Estonias immediate neighbors, there were also 344 immigrants from Nigeria, 145 from Bangladesh, 200 from China, 317 from India, and 87 from South Korea.

Most of the people moving to Estonia do so for work. This main reason for coming here is followed by family reasons. The third most common reason is because people plan to study in Estonia.

Last year 13,792 people previously registered in Estonia moved abroad, slightly more than in 2015. Finland remains the most popular destination, though at 2,600 fewer people moved there in 2016 than in 2015, when more than 3,200 left the country for Finland.

The second most popular destination is the United Kingdom, followed by Russia, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, and Spain.

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