EU to support transport infrastructure upgrading in Georgia

Georgia will be better connected to the EU and enjoy safer travel conditions within the country thanks to financial and technical aid from the EU.

On 19 February, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and other EU institutions announced their support for a wide-ranging programme of transport infrastructure upgrading, approved by the government of Georgia, which includes key works on the countrys East-West Highway.

The EIB will lend 250 million to finance an extended upgrade of Georgias East-West Highway, which is the main artery for long-distance road traffic in Georgia and is also a direct part of Europes TEN-T (Trans-European Network Transport) infrastructure.

This will include road sections with a total length of around 100 km, which are the focus of one of the Georgian Governments priority projects.

Following its implementation, the project will have multiple benefits. It will increase Georgias global connectivity to Europe by improving road safety and travel conditions, lowering travel times and reducing vehicle operation and maintenance costs.

It will also enhance the Georgian populations local mobility and access to social services and economic activities.

The EIB loan is fully covered by the EUs Comprehensive Guarantee.

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