Moldova and Romania to establish joint border control

The authorities of Moldova and Romania will initiate negotiations on the carrying out the joint control of persons, transport means and goods at the state border checkpoints.

The agreement is meant to ensure the development, improvement and strengthening of the cooperation relations between the relevant authorities of the two states in the sector of integrated management of the common frontier. Also, the document provides for new forms of interaction by carrying out the joint control of people, transport means and goods at the joint checkpoints of the Moldovan-Romanian state border, based on the principle of one stop, in order to speed up and facilitate the crossing of the common border.

The inter-governmental treaty will have a positive impact on the protection of Moldovas economic interests, on the prevention and fight against the cross-border organized crime, international terrorism and its financing.

The agreement is to be concluded for an indefinite period and will enter into force in a 30-day period starting from the date of official notification by diplomatic means.

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