Moldova establishes moratorium on citizenship by investments

No applications for getting Moldova’s citizenship through investments will be received until 1 September 2020. The parliament established a moratorium on the reception of new applications for getting citizenship through investments.  

In parliament’s plenum, the State Secretary at the Economics and Infrastructure Ministry, Iuliana Dragalin, said that the government asked for the extension of the moratorium, in order to improve the law, “which brings benefits to the state.”   

The official specified that the present version of the law provided for the classification of the names of those who had already got Moldova’s citizenship  through investments. And this because the dual citizenship is banned in some states. Dragalin noted that this article of the law would be analyzed during the months of the moratorium, which, in fact, “does not run counter the good practices.”    

The first moratorium on the law on getting the Moldovan citizenship through investments was set on 31 July 2019 for a four-month period. Subsequently, it was prolonged by another two months. The law allows foreigners to get Moldova’s citizenship against a sum of 100,000 euros or an investment in the economy worth 250,000 euros.   

Statistics shows that eight people have received Moldova’s citizenship since the relevant law has entered into force.

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