Moldovans to receive social security benefits after signing an agreement with Germany

Moldovan citizens working legally in Germany will obtain social security benefits, such as pensions, according to the agreement on social security between Moldova and Germany, which was published in the Official Journal of Moldova on 3 November 2017.

The purpose of the Agreement is to provide a framework of social security benefits for migrant workers from Moldova who carry out or have carried out a work activity and/or who reside on the territory of one or both of the contracting states.

However, the citizens of Moldova will benefit from age pensions, survivors pensions, disability pensions caused by ordinary diseases, pensions and disability benefits caused by accidents at work and occupational diseases. Similarly, during the period of their activity, they will be insured with social security benefits in the event of an accident at work or the occurrence of a professional illness, or insurance of the family members in the event of death of the breadwinner.

According to the Agreement provisions, calculation of the pension entitlement will include the periods of contribution made in Moldova and Germany, and each state will apply the relevant national legislation on it. Both Moldova and Germany will calculate and pay the pension only for periods of insurance completed on their own territory and the pension will be transferred to the person in the territory of the state where he/she resides.

Moldova has signed bilateral agreements in the field of social security with such EU member states as Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany.

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