Moldova’s Citizenship by Investment Programme to be suspended

The programme on providing Moldovas citizenship through investments will be suspended. President Igor Dodon made statements to this effect following a meeting of the Supreme Security Council (CSS) today.

According to Dodon, the decision was taken, given that there are more questions as to the companies which are involved in the programmes implementation.

The head of state also said that 34 files on the acquiring of the citizenship through investments had been submitted so far. Some of them have been analyzed, while other ones are under consideration. Other applications will not be received by the commission for the time being.

The parliament has recently adopted, in the first reading, a draft law which sees the cancellation of the providing of the Moldovan citizenship through investments.

Economics and Infrastructure Minister Vadim Branzan has earlier said that Moldova would have to pay damages, if ruling to cancel the contract on the implementation of this programme.

The programme was officially launched in last November and the first file was submitted as early as in December 2018.

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