More than 2 mln tourists from 191 countries visited Azerbaijan

Over 2.4 million tourists and stateless people from 191 countries visited Azerbaijan from January through September 2019, which is 9.5 percent more than in the same period of 2018.

Among the visitors, 30 percent accounted for Russian citizens, 22 percent Georgian citizens, 9.7 percent Turkish citizens, 8.2 percent Iranian citizens, 3.9 percent - Saudi Arabian citizens, 2.1 percent UAE citizens, 1.9 percent Indian citizens, 1.8 percent Ukrainian and Iraqi citizens, 1.6 percent Turkmen citizens, 1.5 percent Israeli and Kazakh citizens, 1.4 percent Pakistani citizens, 1.2 percent UK citizens, 11.3 percent citizens from other countries, 0.1 percent - stateless people.

Some 65.9 percent of those tourists accounted for men, 34.1 percent - women.

The biggest number of visitors during the reporting period was observed among Turkmen citizens (96 percent), Indian citizens (70.1 percent), Egyptian citizens (66.3 percent), Chinese citizens (63.7 percent), Saudi Arabian citizens (42.0 percent), Philippines citizens (39.4 percent), Hungarian citizens (34.8 percent), Polish citizens (32.0 percent), Malaysian citizens (27.3 percent), UK citizens (27.0 percent), Spanish citizens (26.7 percent), South Korean citizens (22.4 percent), Georgian citizens (21.6 percent) and German citizens (21.6 percent).

The number of visitors from EU member-states increased by 24 percent and reached 110,300 people, from the CIS countries by 8.3 percent and reached 880,900 people from January through September 2019.

Some 57.9 percent of the total number of foreigners and stateless people arrived in Azerbaijan by trains and vehicles, 41.3 percent - by planes, 0.8 percent - by ships.

The number of Azerbaijani citizens who traveled to foreign countries increased by 17.9 percent and reached over 4.2 million people from January through September 2019 compared to the same period of 2018. Some 36.3 percent of Azerbaijani citizens left for Iran, 29 percent for Georgia, 17.5 percent - for Russia, 11.8 percent - for Turkey, 5.4 percent - for other countries.

Among those Azerbaijani citizens, 63.8 percent accounted for men, 36.2 percent - women.

The number of Azerbaijani citizens who visited Iran during the reporting period increased by 39.1 percent, those who visited Georgia by 12.7 percent, those who visited Russia by 6.5 percent, those who visited Turkey by 4.7 percent.

Some 82.1 percent of Azerbaijani citizens arrived in foreign countries by trains and vehicles, 17.2 percent - by planes, 0.7 percent - by ships from January through September 2019.

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