More than three million Ukrainians are permanently abroad

According to estimates by Ukraines Ministry of Social Policy, more than three million Ukrainians are permanently abroad, and sevennine million people leave for seasonal work. On the other hand, the National Bank of Ukraine predicts that in the current year the dynamics of labor migration would slow down.

This slowdown would not change the situation when Ukraine leads among European countries in terms of the projected reduction of personnel for 2019 due to labor migration (about 1.4%).

Poland is the most eager country to host Ukrainian labour migrants. According to the official estimates, there are about 2 million people in this country. In 2018, almost 329,000 foreigners got work permits in Poland: 70% of them were from Ukraine. Poland allowed Ukrainians to work for up to 6 months for a year, and then they canceled testing for the foreigners employment.

Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany also took similar visa concessions.

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