Nealy 900 thousand Ukrainians work in Poland

More than a million labour migrants work in Poland, including about 900,000 Ukrainians. This was announced at a press conference by Deputy Director of the Economic Analysis Department of the National Bank of Poland Jacek Kotlowski.

"The pressure on the labor market is largely mitigated by the influx of immigrants It is now about 900,000 Ukrainian immigrants. In addition, there are also immigrants from other countries, in particular from Belarus," Kotlovsky said.

The National Bank of Poland calculated the number of labour migrants on the basis of issued work visas, Polish cards, permits for temporary or permanent residence in Poland, employers' reports on employment of foreigners, as well as the number of officially insured foreigners.

Taking into account the temporary nature of the work of migrant workers from Ukraine and Belarus, the National Bank of Poland estimated that an ordinary worker from Ukraine or Belarus works in Poland for about seven months.

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