Nearly 17,000 migrants returned voluntarily from Greece in past 3 Years

On 30 August the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported that 16,954 third country nationals chose to return voluntarily from Greece to their country of origin over a period from June 2016 through 28 August 2019.

Migrants from Pakistan (4,292) topped the list of 83 nationalities returning voluntarily with IOM assistance, followed by those from Iraq (4,187), Georgia (1,972), Algeria (1,308) and Afghanistan (1,295).

Some 4,270 of the returning migrants also received assistance to support a more sustainable reintegration into their local communities. Priority for the reintegration assistance was given to candidates in situations of vulnerability, while other factors were taken into consideration like work experience, skills and willingness of the candidate to develop a sustainable reintegration plan.

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