Nearly 3 million Ukrainians benefited from visa-free regime with EU

Since the launch of the visa-free regime Ukrainians have made 42.6 million trips to the EU countries.

9.2 million citizens of Ukraine crossed the border with biometric passports, almost 3 million used new biometric passports without visas taking advantage of the visa-free regime.

More than 1 million Ukrainians crossed the border with Poland. The border crossing with Hungary and Romania was also active, where 350,000 and more than 245,000 people, respectively, took advantage of the visa-free regime.

Nearly 1 million Ukrainians used the air service to cross the border with the EU.

To date, 157 checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine are equipped with biometric control tools and connected to Interpol databases, and modern technical means allow them to check all types of biometric documents automatically.

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