New border crossing point at Moldova-Ukraine border launched into operation

Jointly operated by the border and customs services of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, Palanca border crossing point was launched into operation on 28 December 2018.

With 4.5 million euro invested by the EU and 1.68 million euro by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the crossing point was built from scratch in the framework of a project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.

The facility is located on a 2.6-hectare site and includes a modern three-storey administrative building, with over 30 offices for the employees of the Border Police and Customs Service of both countries and specially designed premises for the control of goods, cars and lorries.

With the EUs support, specialised equipment for the activities of the customs officers and border guards, including computers and furniture, was procured and installed.

The border crossing point was designed and built in line with the European Integrated Border Management principles. It ensures optimal conditions for all travellers who will cross the border, including persons with disabilities, asylum seekers and entrepreneurs.

The border can also be crossed on foot or by bicycle via this post.

The new border crossing point is linked to the Odesa-Reni highway by a new access road, which has street lighting and three lanes.

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