Non-сitizens receive right-to-travel documents in Azerbaijan

The decision by Azerbaijan’s State Migration Services to begin providing travel documents to refugees has been warmly welcomed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).  

Since the start of February, Azerbaijan has been issuing travel-related documents to non-citizens—including asylum seekers, refugees and stateless persons—in accordance with the 1951 UN Convention relating to the status of refugees.   

“These documents will ensure individual development, equal rights and freedom of movement for refugees and stateless persons residing in Azerbaijan,” explained Vladimir Gjorgjiev, Chief of Mission, IOM Azerbaijan, affirming this is an important step towards refugee integration and social cohesion in the country.   

“Now they can travel outside Azerbaijan and return back to Azerbaijan for family, business, education, health. Or for any other other reason,” Gjorgjiev added.    

A first batch of 10 out of 83 refugees received the documents at a special ceremony in the capital Baku.

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