The number of Belarus labour migrants is growing

Labour migration from Belarus has been steadily rising from 39.4 thousand workers in 2015 to 59.5 in 2016 and 83,000 in 2017. That year 83.9% of Belarusians labour migrants worked in Russia. Almost 93,000 Belarusians were working abroad in 2019, according to a sample survey by Belstat. Statistics include workers who spent less than a year abroad.

The numbers from the migration and citizenship department of the Internal Ministry state that record 11,000 Belarusians emigrated in search of work in 2018.

The numbers of Belarusian labour migrants differ when provided by the authorities of other countries. For example, according to the Internal Ministry of Belarus, two Belarusians were employed in Latvia last year. According to the data of the Latvian side, there were 1824 of them.

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