Number of labour migrants in Belarus increased

The number of foreigners who came to Belarus for employment purposes increased by almost a quarter last year.

In 2019 more than 20.8 thousand arrived in Belarus for employment. This is 4.7 thousand more than in 2018.

Russians make up the largest number of labour migrants to Belarus - 6.7 thousand. Almost every fifth employed migrant is a Chinese citizen (4.3 thousand). Ukraine (3.1 thousand) is also in the top three countries.

Citizens of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Lithuania also choose Belarus as a platform for employment.

More than 5.6 thousand labour migrants had working specialities, more than 3 thousand people - skilled workers and specialists, more than 1.3 thousand foreigners are involved in services provision and trade, 428 - in agriculture. More than 1.2 thousand newcomers held the positions of executives.

The vast majority of migrants were employed in the capital of Belarus, Grodno and Minsk regions. The least number of employed foreigners was in the Mogilev region.

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