Poland establishes a hotline to protect the rights of Ukrainian labour migrants

A hotline for questions concerning legal employment and protection of rights has been established in Poland for Ukrainian workers, Polish Press Agency reports.

According to Polish Chief Labour Inspector Wiesaw yszczek, there are cases where Polish employers who use Ukrainian migrant workers are paying them lower salaries or not ensuring adequate working conditions.

According to yszczek, over 2.5 million foreigners work in Poland and 800,000 of them work illegally. "The thing is, everyone should work legally and pay contributions to the Governments coffers in Poland," he explained.

Consultations are provided on the hotline from 16:00 to 20:00. In particular, foreign citizens can learn more about the conditions of employment in Poland and how to write a complaint if an employer violates their working rights.

It is noted that there are fluent Ukrainian speakers available to answer calls on the hotline.

The hotline can be reached by the following number: 22 111 35 29

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