Report on unemployment in Black Sea Region adopted in Moldova

The participants in the 53rd meeting of the Cultural, Education and Social Affairs Committee of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary Assembly (BSEC PA), held in Chisinau, have adopted a report titled, Unemployment in BSEC member states. States role in the promotion of jobs creation, as well as a draft recommendation on this report.

The state of things concerning the unemployment in the member states and proposals to improve the situation in this respect is unveiled in the report.

As for Moldova, the report reads that one of the priorities of the Association Agreement with EU is the contribution to the implement of efficient measures in the labour force employment sector from the viewpoint of enhancement of the degree of labour forces education and level of adaptation to the labour markets needs.

Also, the document shows that, in February 2019, the law on labour forces employment and unemployment insurance entered into force, which establishes concrete measures of improving the situation as to the labour force employment.

The report also speaks about the national labour force employment strategy for 2017-2021. The strategys goal is to enhance the level of formal employment based on economic competitiveness, proper competence and qualifications in conditions of sustainable development and inclusion. The measures also refer to the motivation of young specialists with pedagogical education, extending the network of industrial parks, stimulating the employment in the agro-industrial sector and in the rural tourism field.

The participants in the meeting adopted a draft recommendation to the report, which, inter alia, recommends to the parliaments and governments of the member states to undertake measures to meet the needs of the societys vulnerable groups, such as women, young people, persons with disabilities, elderly employees and fight the discrimination based on age.

Also, the member states authorities should start reforms to improve the business environment and back small- and medium-sized enterprises to provide a sound business climate, which to its turn, will help create jobs and for the economic growth.

The efforts to attract foreign investments through the improvement of the business and investment climate, removing obstacles to the creation of new enterprises and new jobs, etc. fit in the same context.

The report also recommends maintaining a close cooperation between the institutions on the labour market and the business environment, trade unions, higher education institutions, in order to establish strategic priorities and settle the specific problems dealing with unemployment.

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