Romania to support Poland in scrapping Ukrainian and Georgian visas

Polish President Bronisaw Komorowski announced last month that he would argue at the May meeting of the Eastern Partnership in favour of visa-free travel for Ukrainians. This would allow citizens of these two countries to travel freely throughout Europe for short-stays such as tourism.

The summit will take place in Riga and apart from the EU member states, six other countries will be represented, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The Polish Foreign Minister, Grzegorz Schetyna, commented This will also be the first step in the direction of their EU membership. It seems to me that the Riga summit should satisfy expectations and show the good will of Europe on this issue.

Meanwhile his Romanian counterpart, Bogdan Aurescu, pointed to the precedent of Moldova which gained visa-free access to the EU last year, thanks to the Eastern Partnerships efforts. The decision means that Moldavians who possess biometric passports can travel visa-free throughout the EU for short-stays.

It has been a year since the elimination of visas for citizens of Moldova. 500,000 of them already have biometric passports and can travel to EU countries. This is very good for the citizens of Moldova, who can travel freely, but also good for bringing the country closer to the EU, Romanian Foreign Minister Aurescu commented.

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