Supreme Court of Ukraine cancels ban on passports in a book form

Chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine canceled the ban on issuance of passports in a form of a book instead of ID-card, as the press office of the Supreme Court says.

The introduction of brand new technologies shouldnt be irreplaceable and compulsory. Those, who deny accepting these technologies, have to have options, - the traditional ways of ones identification, the message says.

Besides, it was noted that the Chamber made this decision before considering a complaint of Zhytomyr resident against the exemplary decision of the Cassation Administrative Court of the Supreme Court.

The decision of the Cassation Administrative Court did not let her refuse from ID-card due to the religious convictions and get a book passport instead.

The Chamber satisfied her complaint and canceled this decision.

Therefore, the judges obligated the State Migration Service to issue a Ukrainian passport for the citizen in the form of a book.

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