Ukraine tightens restrictions on border to prevent the spread of coronavirus

As of April 7, Ukraine's state border will be allowed to cross only by motor vehicles and exceptionally through 19 checkpoints. This is envisaged by the amendments made to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 288-р “On the temporary closure of some border crossing points and border checkpoints and termination of pedestrian traffic in those checkpoints”.

According to the changes made, from 00:00 on April 7, 2020, 115 checkpoints will be temporarily closed, and at 28 checkpoints pedestrian traffic will be temporarily suspended.

Besides, in Ukraine, other government documents stipulate for the temporary closure of checkpoints across the state border for international passenger transportation by rail, air, road (bus conveyance).

For its part, the new Customs Service has updated an online map and marked all checkpoints – those already closed and those to be closed from April 7, as well as open - for both passenger and freight services.

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