Ukrainian Parliament amended the procedure for extradition of offenders from Ukraine

Ukrainian Parliament has approved at the second reading the implementation of the provisions of the III and IV of Additional Protocols of the European Convention on the Extradition of Offenders into Ukrainian legislation.

The changes are aimed at improving the existing extradition of offenders from Ukraine who are being searched for by the competent authorities of a foreign state to conduct an investigation in a criminal case or the execution of a sentence, the explanatory documents to the bill say.

According to the adopted law, the extradited person has the right to request to apply to him a simplified procedure for extradition immediately after his arrest in connection with his presence in the international wanted list, without waiting for the receipt of a formal request for his extradition.

The law stipulates that the simplified procedure for extradition of offenders does not apply if a person is held criminally liable or punished on the territory of Ukraine, if there is a reason to believe that extradition may be contrary to the interests of protecting the national security of Ukraine or that the person wanted is a citizen of Ukraine.

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