Ukrainians make up largest national group of labour migrants in Finland

Ukrainians are now the largest national group arriving in Finland to work, according to figures presented by the Finnish Immigration Service.

Two years ago, Ukrainians overtook Estonians as the group most likely to arrive in Finland for work, following an increase in salaries in Estonia.

Last year more than 1,800 people moved to Finland from Ukraine for work, compared to just over 1,200 people from Estonia.

The reason is relative pay differentials. According to Statistics Estonia, the average wage in Estonia in the third quarter of 2019 was 1,397 euros per month, up 8.2 percent on the previous year.

Salaries in Finland have grown more slowly, but they remain attractive to those moving from Ukraine

The current minimum for inexperienced workers in Finland is 10.73 euros per hour, rising to 16.97 euros for the most experienced builders. Supplements for overtime and weekend working should be paid on top.

In addition to those Ukrainians who move to Finland to work and arrange residency, there are also so-called posted workers in the country.

These are officially employed by companies based outside Finland but posted to the country to work for a specific period.

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